Sub Themes and Tracks

Theme: Towards a Healthier Africa: People, Systems and Innovations

Below are the sub themes and tracks for AHAIC 2017

Sub Theme 1: Community Health Systems Responsiveness and Resilience

Track 1.1: Best practices & innovations for increasing
access to RMNCAH services in communities
Track 1.2: Addressing gaps in adolescent sexual and
reproductive health services and rights
Track 1.3: Approaches to improving nutritional status
in communities
Track 1.4: Best practices and models for training health workers
Track 1.5: Refocusing healthcare  systems to prevent and manage NCDs

Sub Theme 2: Health care financing for Sustainable Development

Track 2.1:
Community based healthcare financing
solutions for vulnerable populations
Track 2.2: National social health insurance schemes
and their impact on accessing quality
Track 2.3: Models of Public/Private sector collaboration
in healthcare financing
Track 2.4: Ethics and regulations in health care
delivery and research

Sub Theme 3:    Innovation and Technology for Health Systems Strengthening

Track 3.1: Appropriate technologies for improving
healthcare at community level
Track 3.2: Innovations for increasing numbers and skills of
health workers
Track 3.3: Innovations for improving quality of health care
Track 3.4:Approaches to making surgery safe

Sub Theme 4: Global Helath Security Initiatives

Track 4.1: Approaches for strengthening community disease surveillance
Track 4.2:Addressing challenges in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases
Track 4.3: Addressing emerging diseases such as Ebola,
MERS and outbreaks