Plenary 5: Role of innovations & technology in improving health services in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro Ballroom March 9, 2017 08:30 - 10:00

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Robert Collymore
Nicole Spieker
Dr. Melba K. Wasunna
Rita Owino

Moderator                  Prof Melba Wasunna, Strathmore University


Keynote Speaker        Robert Collymore, Chief Executive Officer, Safaricom Ltd


Award of Winners of the Innovate4Life Hackathon

Desta Lakew, Fundraising and Partnerships Director, Amref Health in Africa



Roelof Assies, General Manager, Philips East Africa

Nicole Spieker, Director of Quality, PharmAccess Foundation, Amsterdam

Rita Owino, Market Development Manager, Primary and Referral Care, GE Healthcare



Disruptive innovations buoyed by recent advances in mobile and other technologies have the potential to democratise health care, and improve access to and quality and affordability of critical health services. However, for this to have any impact, governments, civil society, private sector and communities should work collaboratively to develop and scale up technological and non-technology-based innovations and business models.

This plenary session will focus of the role of technology and innovations in attaining the health SDGs, the importance of public-private collaborations, and investments necessary for this to happen.

A keynote presentation will be followed by panel discussions and commentaries, and awarding of the winner of the Innovate4Life hackathon on maternal health.