Health care remains a social right for all citizens of the world. In Africa, there is a growing concern on the status of health care, and its accessibility both in terms of cost and availability.

Millions of Africans still suffer from diseases that are relatively simple to prevent or treat, which ultimately affects the socio-economic development of African countries. For example, statistics indicate that malaria costs an estimated $12 billion in lost productivity in Africa.

The Ebola outbreak has exposed what ails the health sector in Africa, including inadequate community knowledge of causes and prevention of diseases, and unsatisfactory health care systems.

To address the challenges of Africa’s health systems and chart the way forward for health development on the continent, we at Amref Health Africa and the World Health Organization have organised an international conference themed From Evidence to Action: Lasting Health Change for Africa, which begins today in Nairobi, Kenya. The event will bring together medical professionals, scholars, researchers, and representatives of non-governmental organisations, government and media from across Africa and beyond.

The three-day conference will promote development of sustainable African solutions for Africa’s health challenges through exchange of scientific results, debates on strategic ideas and application of knowledge to inform health care financing for Africa, among other issues.

Corporates will have a key role as participants in this conference. We believe that Private-Public Partnerships are key to the success of sustainable African-led solutions to the continent’s health challenges. It is our hope that governments and private sector will use this forum to forge and strengthen partnerships for lasting health change in Africa.

– Message from Dr Teguest Guerma, Director General, Amref Health Africa

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