The majority of residents in rural areas do not have access to quality health care due to challenges that range from long distances to health facilities, to poorly equipped health centres and lack of electricity.

The situation is, however, set to change once Samsung Electronics East Africa starts setting up solar-powered digital villages. The village will comprise a tele-medical centre, a health centre and an internet school – all solar-powered.

Speaking at the Amref Health International Conference, Samsung Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for East and Central Africa, Mr. Robert Ngeru, called on African governments to partner with the company to alleviate health challenges faced in remote areas.

The tele-medical centre allows people to access health services through use of diagnostic systems managed by a purpose built application on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung digital villages to enhance access to health in remote areas

An artist’s impression of the Samsung digital village

The solar-powered health centre enables medical professionals to move easily from region to region offering health care services.

Services that can be rendered through the health centres include dental care, ophthalmology examinations, blood analysis and screening, and audiometry testing of hearing.

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