Youth have for the longest time been ignored and locked out of decision making. Despite this, they have time and again proved their potential, and through the Africa Health Agenda International Conference have demanded to be included in decision-making. Born and raised in Kenya, Edwin Macharia, Partner and Regional Director for Africa in Dalberg, under the apprenticeship of his uncle, discovered that the current systems are broken.

Edwin also learnt that all systems were interconnected and needed to work together in order to have an effective impact. “The ability of doctors to be effective is affected by the systems they are in. This realisation made me passionate about understanding systems and finding solutions for them. I realised that as a doctor I would be limited to the people I would reach through my practice. But I knew I wanted to reach more people,” he said.

Town Hall with Edward Macharia

Town Hall with Edwin Macharia

Edward feels that it is time for the youth to stop ignoring the political platforms available and get actively engaged in order to affect policies. “You have more insights and capabilities compared to other people in the country. However, if you don’t use this to empower others, you will have failed,” he said.

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