The AHAIC 2019 agenda is built around discussion and active engagement to foster development of new ideas and homegrown solutions to achieving UHC in Africa. Sessions will be broken into:

Main Plenaries

Plenaries will bring the theme of UHC to life through engaging presentations and panels featuring world leaders, including Heads of State, CEOs, UN leadership, and vital voices such as frontline health workers and youth leaders. Plenaries will focus on strengthening primary health care systems, innovative financing mechanisms, reaching the last mile, innovation & technology, and multi-sector partnerships.


A series of eight special symposia sessions will focus on some of the most important health issues facing the continent today. Each session will feature updates on the latest science, practice and policy advances being put into action across Africa.

Partner-led Workshops

Partners will have the opportunity to design and host break-out sessions that will take a deeper dive into the discussions initiated during the main plenaries. These concurrent sessions will give partners the opportunity to lead discussions in their areas of expertise, allow participants to hear from community leaders working on the ground, and foster solutions-oriented dialogues and outcomes.

Scientific Tracks

Scientific tracks will convene leading researchers to share latest findings and discuss gaps. Tracks will break down the conference sub-themes – access, quality, financing and accountability – to get to the heart of UHC.

Innovation Marketplace

The Innovation Marketplace will serve as a platform for innovators to share cuttingedge ideas that can accelerate progress towards UHC in Africa.

The Exchange

The Exchange will feature booths from various organisations showcasing their programmes, ideas and innovations. It will also be a space for conference participants to exchange ideas and network.

Youth Pre-Conference

The 2019 Youth Pre-conference will bring together over 300 African youth leaders to network and be at the centre of critical discussions on the future of UHC in Africa. Young people represent over 60% of Africa’s population – Africa’s youth thus plays a critical role in the social, economic and political advancement of the region. Providing a platform for youth engagement, capacity building and advocacy will be essential to harness the potential of youth across the continent to drive progress towards UHC.
The Youth Pre-conference will be held from 3-4 March 2019 at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village. Sub-themes include:
• Meaningful youth engagement in policymaking processes, with a focus on government commitments to achieving UHC
• Holding government leaders accountable to commitments made to end HIV and improve access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services
The Youth Pre-conference will give African youth leaders the opportunity to:
• Gain technical knowledge in key areas including: UHC, Health Systems in Africa, Advocacy and SRHR
• Meet with other youth influencers and global leaders from diverse sectors to share learnings and experiences
• Work in teams to brainstorm and address simulated real-world challenges in achieving UHC


AHAIC 2019 will be an opportunity to assess where we are, evaluate recent scientific developments and lessons learnt, and collectively chart a course forward. Specifically, the conference will focus on innovative ideas and multi-sectoral approaches to:

Increasing access to health care in Africa for everyone, including the most vulnerable populations.
Improving quality to ensure that all health interventions are safe and effective and do not cause harm.
Establishing mechanisms to ensure sustainable financing so that the use of health services does not cause financial hardship.
Strengthening accountability measures to ensure transparency at all levels and improve health system performance, leadership and return on investment.


Plenary I: Strengthening Primary Health Care Systems to Deliver Universal Health Coverage in Africa

Looking to draw lessons from African countries that have high-performing PHC systems, this session will highlight strategies for designing systems that are affordable, accessible and sustainable

Inter-Ministerial Panel

The Inter-Ministerial Panel will bring together Ministers of Health from countries across Africa to take stock of progress since the TICAD VI conference in 2016 and map a vision for what it will take to achieve UHC targets in their countries

Plenary IV: Access to Care: Reaching the Last Mile

This session will explore innovative solutions to increasing access to medicines and services, health worker empowerment, and key interventions to address the needs of hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations in Africa

Plenary VI: Strengthening Multi-Sector Partnerships to Achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa

This session will take a 360-degree approach to map the unique roles that different sectors such as education, agriculture and environment need to play to improve the determinants of health and strengthen health systems

Plenary II: Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will feature welcoming remarks from high-level speakers alongside a lively cross-generational discussion on the role of African youth in promoting UHC

Plenary III: Financing Universal Health Coverage in Africa

This session will explore successful strategies for domestic resource mobilization for UHC, partnerships that are transforming the funding landscape in Africa, and new financing strategies that are driving financial autonomy

Plenary V: Rapid Sessions – Focusing on Quality and Innovation

The TED-style talks at this session will focus on how to sustainably improve quality of care, as well as the ways innovation and technology can be leveraged to accelerate progress towards UHC

Plenary VII: Closing Ceremony

Taking place on International Women’s Day, the closing ceremony will feature a discussion on gender equity in UHC and an award ceremony recognising the contributions of women leaders working to improve health in Africa