Plenary III: Financing Universal Health Coverage in Africa

Plenary III: Financing Universal Health Coverage in Africa

More than 2 billion people live in countries that spend less than $25 per capita on health – less than a third of what is needed for countries to provide basic, life-saving health services for their citizens. In addition, across the globe, as many as 100 million people a year are pushed into poverty due to healthcare-related payments. Close to two decades ago, African Heads of State committed to allocating 15% of total public expenditure to the health sector, launching the Abuja Declaration. Today, only a handful of countries in the region have reached or surpassed the target. Domestic resource mobilization, resource use and financial protection are therefore central to any discussion on UHC in Africa. In November 2018, countries and partners came together in Oslo to invest in sustainable financing for health at the Global Financing Facility replenishment meeting. Countries such as Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria committed to increasing domestic allocation for health to at least 15% and to investing in women, children and adolescents. This session will explore successful strategies for domestic resource mobilization, partnerships that are sustaining and transforming the funding landscape in Africa, and new financing strategies that are paving the way for financial autonomy in Africa.

Financial Accountability Fireside Chat (15 minutes)

  • Dr Angela Nyambura Gichaga, CEO, Financing Alliance for Health
  • Yacine Sambe Diouf, Program Manager, Cooperation and External Funding Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Senegal


Session Moderator  

Nathaniel Otoo, Executive Director, Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center (SPARC)


Panel Discussion and Q&A (75 minutes)

  • Dr Solange Hakiba, Deputy, Director General, Rwanda Social Security Board
  • Hon Dr Robert Kuganab Lem, Member of Parliament, Ghana
  • Marijke Wijnroks, Chief of Staff, The Global Fund
  • Monique Dolfing, CEO, PharmAccess
  • John Kinuthia, Lead Research Analyst, International Budget Partnership Kenya