Dr Prebo Barango

Medical Officer Non-Communicable Diseases, Inter-country Support Team for East and Southern Africa, WHO AFRO

Barango Prebo is a medical doctor with experience in management, prevention and control of NCDs that spans over 2 decades in developing country context. His work has included design and implementation of programs for prevention and management of NCDs in several countries in the African region.  He has supported several countries in the African region to develop national health policies, strategies and programs to reduce the burden of NCDs including cancer in line with the NCD Global Action Plan 2013-2020; the Global Monitoring Framework for NCDs prevention and control and regional needs. He also has worked closely with countries in East and Sothern African (ESA) sub-region of WHO AFRO and partners to develop, implement and evaluate policies, strategies and action plans for the prevention and control of NCDs in the context of strengthening the health system using the PHC approach as well as in the design planning and conduct of population based survey for NCDs and their risk factors. In his current role, Dr Barango provides technical support to countries in the region to develop and implement comprehensive national cancer control plans including for childhood cancer and cervical cancer.