Emmanuel Mujuru

Chair of the Board of the Federation of African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (FAPMA)

Emmanuel Mujuru is a qualified pharmacist, entrepreneur and businessman with a passion for the development of local pharmaceutical production not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa in general. Emmanuel has been active in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 20 years during which he gained extensive experience in pharmaceutical production, research and development, quality assurance and marketing and distribution. Chief Executive Officer and founder of Plus Five Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd a Zimbabwean based pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The company manufactures a wide range of generic pharmaceutical products. He is the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association of Zimbabwe (PMA) a national association representing pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Zimbabwe. Treasurer ad EXCO member the Southern African Generic Medicines Association (SAGMA) a voluntary association drawing its membership from SADC member states. SAGMA promotes local production and use of generic medicines.