The Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC) serves as a platform to foster new ideas and home-grown solutions to the continent’s most pressing health challenges, with a focus on achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa by 2030. The conference is a key opportunity to map a pathway from commitment to action on UHC and to build momentum among diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society, technical experts, innovators, the private sector, thought leaders, scientists and youth leaders.

Fast Facts on UHC in Africa

Momentum for UHC in Africa is at an all-time high and most African countries have already integrated UHC into their national health strategies.

But much remains to be done if Africa is to achieve UHC by 2030:

HIV/AIDS remains the leading cause of death for adults in Africa and more than 90% of all malaria deaths occur on the continent.

Non-communicable diseases are set to become the leading cause of death in Africa by 2030.

11 million Africans are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket health expenses.