Maziko Matemvu

Vice Chair for Partner Engagement, PMCH - Adolescents and Youth Constituency

Maziko Matemvu is a youth advocate and international development professional who is passionate about advancing human rights, especially for the most marginalized. Maziko, is the founder and president of Uwale, a youth media group that uses traditional and digital media to raise awareness on issues affecting young people aswell as using storytelling for advocacy and policy change. Maziko is the Health Country Coordinator for the Future-Life Now programme and the Vice Chairperson for the PMNCH Adolescent and Youth Constituency. Maziko formally worked as the former Vice president of the Young Feminist Network and National television host for the "21st -century generation” program. On days she’s not working Maziko spends her time leading and fundraising sustainable charity causes in various communities. Her -expertise lies in development through the health and well-being of young people, including but not limited to SRHR and CSE, gender equality, economic empowerment, and climate change. Maziko is passionate about working with grassroots initiatives and rural communities and mainstreaming their realities across all sectors, policies, initiatives, and programming to ensure that no one is left behind.