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Evalin Karijo

Director, Youth Advocacy,
Chair, Youth Pre-Conference Organising Committee

Dr. Magnifique Irakoze

Dr Magnifique Irakoze

Vice President, AfriYAN-Rwanda

Dr. Waruguru Wanjau

Dr Waruguru Wanjau

Kenyan medical officer and board member of Incision – International Student Surgical Network

Boldwin Maposa

Youth Programs Manager, Health Assertive Outreach Services Zimbabwe

Meggie Mwoka

Policy research officer
African Population and Health Research Center

Gloria Nyanja

Project Assistant, Y-ACT Youth In Action and Co-Chair of Youth Pre-Conference Organizing Committee

Caleb K.F Thole

Executive Director and Chairperson, Global Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO)

Caroline Khamala

Communications Officer – Digital, Corporate and Kenya, Amref Health Africa

Chantal Grace

AHAIC Youth Pre-Conference Assistant Coordinator

Georgina Obonyo

Advocacy Outreach Assistant, Y-Act Youth In Action