Belinda Nimako

Public Health Physician

Dr. Belinda Nimako is a Public Health Physician with over 14 years of experience as a health worker comprising clinical and managerial roles in clinical practice, health systems development and research. She had previously served in various leadership capacities in Ghana’s Health Sector, including serving as a Director of Health Services in one of Ghana’s rural districts. Her most recent role was as the Ag. Deputy Director for Information, Monitoring, and Evaluation, where she led efforts to generate evidence and translate existing evidence to strengthen Ghana’s Health System, particularly at the Primary Health Care (PHC) Level. She also plays a leadership role in the CHPS+ Project, an ongoing implementation research project in Ghana that aims to enhance national capacity for evidence-based health systems development at the community level. Belinda is presently pursuing doctoral studies focused on interlinkages between natural resource extraction and health systems.