• Airport shuttles will be available to transfer you from the airport to the official hotels.
  • Shuttles between official hotels and the venue will be provided. The schedule will be available on the official Host Country website as well as at hotel reception desks.
  • Airport shuttles will be available to transfer you from the official hotels to the airport.

 Services not covered

  • Delegates will be responsible for flight bookings.
  • Delegates will be responsible for accommodation costs. As per standard Host Country practice, the host does not cover travel insurance, health insurance or medical bills.
  • Delegates will be responsible for personal/ incidental costs (such as phone calls, mini bar, pay TV) throughout their stay in Kigali.
  • Delegates will be responsible for transport and meals costs for activities outside of the event agenda.
  • Arrivals at Kigali International Airport (KIA) Arriving passengers at Kigali International Airport must present a negative rapid test taken 72 hours prior to departure. An additional rapid test will be taken upon arrival, at own cost.

Departing passengers at Kigali International Airport must present a negative rapid or PCR test (depending on requirement of the destination) taken 72 hours prior to departure. All departing Rwandans must be vaccinated. Delegates travelling in business class will have access to two VIP lounges (arrival and departure). Other passengers wishing to use the VIP lounges at the airport may can do so a cost of 30 USD.

Visa Information

All citizens of the world are issued a visa upon arrival at all border posts without prior application at a cost of 50USD. Citizens of country members of the following international organizations receive a visa upon arrival and visa fees are waived for a visit of 30 days: African Union, Commonwealth and La Francophonie. Citizens of East African Community Member States are issued a pass/entry visa free of charge upon arrival to stay for a period of six months.

The following countries are granted 90 days valid visa free of charge upon arrival: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Haiti, Mauritius, Philippines, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore and the state of Qatar.

Citizens of all countries that are not visa exempt also have the option to submit an application online or at the Rwanda Diplomatic Missions of the country of residence before departure. Those applying online have the option to pay online or upon arrival.

There is no single affiliated agent authorized to apply for a visa on your behalf. Such agents may mislead you and charge more than the required visa fee (source: visa-on-arrival)

Diplomatic passport holdersOrdinary passport holders
Delegates holding diplomatic passports, service/ official passports or AU/UN laissez-passer travelling for official duty are exempted from visa fees

Those wishing to stay for longer than 30 days and/or enter more than once should contact the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration or a Rwandan embassy or diplomatic mission. For further information on visas for Rwanda visit

Passport/travel document validity All travelers must hold a valid passport or another acceptable travel document. The document must have a validity of at least six months on the day of entry in Rwanda.

Yellow fever vaccination requirements

Ministry of Health requires all travelers coming from countries where yellow fever is endemic to produce proof of vaccination at border posts. Delegates without proof of vaccination will be immunized at the airport clinic at a cost of 40 USD.

Health services

First aid and emergency services will be available at the Kigali Convention Center. For more extensive medical services, delegates are advised to seek treatment at one of the following hospitals:

  • King Faysal Hospital: +250 788307561
  • Centre Hospitlier Universitaire de Kigali/ CHUK: +250 788868240
  • Kanombe Military Hospital: +250 788305703

In case of emergency or accident, delegates should call the Emergency medical Hotline: +250 7883001116 If you are on medication, please carry sufficient supply for the duration of your stay.

Medical insurance

The Host Country does not cover travel insurance and medical insurance. Your medical insurance should:

  •       Take effect as soon as you leave your home country or place of residence.
  • Be recognized by the main referral hospitals (the King Faisal Hospital, Kigali; University Teaching Hospital of Kigali; and Rwanda Military Hospital) · Cover medical treatment in Rwanda.
  • Cover medical evacuation and treatment within Africa.
  • Cover repatriation to home country or place of residence. ·
  • If you are on any routine medication (s) for e.g. Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Asthma, Epilepsy, ARVs etc., kindly travel with an adequate supply of your medication.
  • Private health insurance companies in Rwanda provide a package that includes medical services in Rwanda, medical evacuation and treatment in Africa, repatriation to home country or country of residence.


 The following Rwandan mobile telecommunication service providers are available:

  • MTN
  • Tigo/Airtel

Mobile telephone service providers also provide a gateway to the Internet using GPRS, 3G and 4G. Cell phone SIM cards are widely available. Every SIM card user/buyer in Rwanda is expected by law to be registered prior to activation. SIM cards can be registered at the point of purchase.


The unit of currency is the Rwandan Franc (RWF). Exchange rates are subject to fluctuation. Central bank rates can be found on the National Bank of Rwanda website Bureaux de Change (Forex Bureaus) are available at the airport 24/7, and in all parts of Kigali City during working hours.


Services Banking hours are from 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 08:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays. Banking amenities are available at all commercial banks. Most banks have cash dispensing machines accepting Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus. Bureau de Change facilities are available in all parts of Kigali city. Most internationally recognized currencies and travelers’ cheques can be exchanged at commercial banks, hotels and international airport. Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.


The average temperature in Kigali in September is warm at 21 °C (69.8 °F). Afternoons can be hot with average high temperatures reaching 27 °C (80.6 °F). Overnight temperatures are generally mild with an average low of 15 °C (59 °F). The weather in June is generally dry with some rain.

Local time

The time in Rwanda is GMT+2.

Plastic bags

As part of an environmental protection policy, plastic bags are not allowed into Rwanda. Passengers entering Kigali International Airport, or any other border posts with plastic bags are required to discard them, and are supplied with an environmentally friendly alternative at a cost ranging between 2- 6USD.

Electricity supply

The electricity supply in Rwanda is 220/240V AC. You are advised to bring your own round, two-prong adapter and transformer for 110V AC.

Emergency services

In case of emergency, please refer to the numbers listed below. 

  • Fire Brigade (Toll Free from a local line): 111 or +250 788 311 224
  • Ambulance (Toll Free from a local line): 912
  • General Assistance (Toll free from a local line): 997
  • Rwanda National Police (Toll free from a local line) :112

Business & shopping hours

Public offices open from 07.00 to 17.00, while businesses open from 08.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday. Weekend business hours range between 09.00 and 13.00. For more practical information on Rwanda, please visit


Rwanda boasts a green mountainous landscape, renowned for its Volcanoes National Park which encompasses the 4 507m high Mt. Karisimbi and four other forested volcanoes, as well as being home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. In addition, the Nyungwe National Park, with ancient mountain rainforest providing a habitat for chimpanzees and other primates, the vast Akagera National Park and other iconic sites, ensure your visit to WTDC will present unique opportunities to enrich your travel experience by exploring the Land of a Thousand Hills. For more information on our destinations see

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